Zoraki 917TD 9mm PAK Blank and Signal Pistol

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Semi Automatic – Double Action
Mechanism locks with hardened steel side button when out of cartridges
Magazine release button
Hardened steel reinforced hidden cock
Hardened steel cock latch
Hardened steel cock-lowering
Hardened steel shell launcher and puller extractor
Steel-reinforced zinc alloy mechanism (slide)
Polymer frame
Includes signal flare attachment
Used 9mm PAK blank rounds
Magazine capacity – 17+1

Includes – 1 x Zoraki 917 blank pistol with 1 magazine and 1 signal flare adapter.

*** Please note – although this blank firing pistol is legal to purchase and requires no license, it should be treated in the same way and with the same safety precautions in place as with real firearms. This blank pistol looks, operates with a similar mechanism and sounds just like a real handgun – DO NOT discharge or display in public or built up areas, do not point at any person – blank ammo can couse serious injury or burns. If used in a self defence situation, this is purely a scare tactic to scare off attackers. DO NOT provoke anyone carrying a real firearm or dangerous weapon.

The use of this product is at the responsibility of the customer – make yourself aquainted with the relevant laws pertaining to the use thereof. The distributor and retailer will not be held responsible for the incorrect or illegal use of this product.

Although we sell the blank pistols, we do not sell or ship the ammo – we suggest please checking with your local gun shops.

*** Markings and slight cosmetic differences may be possible from the image used.


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