BLACK NOVEMBER SALE: Umarex 50cal T4E HDP50 Defence Pistol + Starter Kit


BLACK NOVEMBER SALE: Umarex 50cal T4E HDP50 Defence Pistol + Starter Kit

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1 x HDP50 Defence Pistol
100 x 50cal Glassbreaker Solid Projectiles
10 x 12gram Co2 Cartridges
10 x 50cal Pepperballs

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Dangerous situations can’t be predicted, and that’s what makes the HDP 50 so indispensable.
Load the six .50-caliber projectiles into the tube magazine under the barrel and push the CO₂ capsule securely into the grip. Then pierce the capsule with a light blow at the bottom of the grip and the pressure indicator will show that you’re ready to fire. The HDP50 is distinguished by a hardly noticeable recoil and an easy-to-use fiber optic front sight. If you drop the gun inadvertently, the trigger blade safety ensures that it won’t fire.

· CO₂-powered Home Defense Pistol in caliber .50
· 6-shot internal magazine
· built-in Quick Piercing System for CO2 capsules
· Able to use Glassbreaker Solid or Pepperball projectiles
· Picatinny rail
· Easy to handle

System CO₂ Defense-Training-Marker
Caliber .50
Magazine capacity 6 shot(s)
Length 213 mm
Weight 682 g
Energy <11.0 Joule(s)

*** WARNING: Always follow the rules of law when using this product. As this item resembles a real firearm, do not carry it in open sight, do not point at or threaten anyone with it. Only use when justified according to the law. The distributor and retailer are not responsible for the incorrect or reckless use of this product.


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