Umarex Pepperspray Launcher Attachment for the HDR50

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The new HDR 50 Launcher attachment can be mounted on any standard 20mm weaver rail and holds a highly effective direct stream pepper spray cartridge for self-defense (one cartridge included). Please note that it does not fit the Umarex HDP50 pistol. For any other products, they would need to have a suitable length rail system for it to fit. It is made according to the design of the HDR50 revolver from Umarex.

The HDR 50 Launcher has been developed to support close-range self-defense. The weapon itself repels the attacker with their projectiles at greater distances. If the attacker comes too close, you can put him down with pepper spray.

*** PLEASE NOTE: HDR50 revolver sold separate. Images are for illustrative purposes only.


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