BLACK FRIDAY: Start Playing Paintball – Valken Blackhawk Combo Deal


BLACK FRIDAY: Start Playing Paintball – Valken Blackhawk Combo Deal

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Played paintball and enjoyed it? Tired of renting gear and not being able to shoot straight or see through the field rental mask? Time to get your own paintball kit!

This Combo Includes:
1 x Valken Blackhawk 68cal Semi-Auto Tactical Paintball Marker (includes safety barrel plug and basic tool / seal kit)
1 x Gravity Feed Hopper (this holds approx 180 paintballs, fits on the marker and feeds the paintballs in it when shooting)
1 x 20oz Co2 Tank with Pin Valve (refillable co2 tank which gives approx 500-600 shots when full – most paintball playing fields can refill co2 tanks)
1 x JT Premise Facemask (full face cover, built in visor, comfy foam and clear lens – anti-fog coating, but if you find you suffer from the lens still misting up because you sweat a lot or the weather is extremely hot, or cold, always remember to use an anti-fog spray that is safe to use on the lens and wont weaken or damage it).
1 x Bag of 500 Paintballs (store air tight at room temperature – do not expose to heat or cold – no, you cant store them in the fridge)

With the Valken Blackhawk tactical paintball gun, your search for a quality, reliable tactical paintball gun is over! The Blackhawk paintball gun from Valken delivers simple, durable reliability and the performance needed for a paintball player to capture any objective in any weather conditions, weekend after weekend! Shooting as fast as a player can pull the trigger, the semi-automatic Valken Blackhawk is light, accurate, dependable and packed with features like a sight rail, adjustable sights and a ported barrel at a price ideal for any player from the weekend warrior to the true tactical paintball operator!

The Blackhawk also accepts a bunch of cool cosmetic accessories down the line – adjustable buttstock, upgrade barrels (A5/BT threaded), sights and dummy magazines.


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