BLACK FRIDAY: Valken Blackhawk 68cal Semi-Auto Marker Kit for Security Use

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Included with this package:
1 x Valken Blackhawk Semi-Automatic Tactical Marker (adjustable muzzle velocity to suit paintball, pepperball or glassbreaker ammo)
1 x Gravity Feed Hopper (holds up to 180 rounds of ammo)
1 x 20oz Co2 Tank (good for approx 500-600 shots when full and can be refilled at most paintball playing fields)
1 x GoG Preset Valve (this valve fits between the gun and gas bottle, and features an on/off tap so you cant store your marker ready to go and just turn the flow of gas on when you need it – always remember never to leave your paintball gun gassed up for long periods as this will dry seals out and cause issues – once you turn the tap off, remember to point the gun in a safe direction and shoot out the remaining shots worth of gas in the system)
10 x Standard Pepperballs – works like pepperspray, but puts 10-20m between you and an attacker. Warning – do not used in confined spaces as this is a dust-like, powdered version of pepperspray that could affect you if used in a small area. People with asthma should keep away from pepperspray / pepperballs.
1 x Pack of 100 x 68cal Glassbreaker Solid Rounds

With the Valken Blackhawk tactical paintball gun, your search for a quality, reliable tactical paintball gun is over! The Blackhawk paintball gun from Valken delivers simple, durable reliability and the performance needed for a paintball player to capture any objective in any weather conditions, weekend after weekend! Shooting as fast as a player can pull the trigger, the semiautomatic Valken Blackhawk is light, accurate, dependable and packed with features like a sight rail, adjustable sights and a ported barrel at a price ideal for any player from the weekend warrior to the true tactical paintball operator!


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