Custom Build: BT Combat Defence Kit – Compact Configuration

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We’ve taken a BT Combat marker and added a horizontal tank adapter which moves your gas cylinder into a forward position under the barrel. The horizontal tank adapter features a lever on/off system which allows you to leave the gas bottle stored on the BT Combat marker and when you need it, the gas can be turned on or off with a quick flip of the lever (it’s never a good idea to store any paintball marker gassed up with co2 as this will cause seals to dry out, resulting in leaks). The package also includes a refillable 9ozoz co2 tank (supplied filled and good for approx 200 shots), 180rnd capacity hopper, tactical 1-point sling which connects conveniently to the rear sling adapter which we have installed on the marker, 100 glassbreaker solid projectiles and 10 standard pepperballs.

1 x BT Combat Marker with Horizontal Tank Adapter and Rear Sling Mount added
1 x 9oz Co2 Tank
1 x 180rnd Hopper (larger size than the one shown in the product pic)
1 x Tactical 1-Point Sling
100 x Glassbreaker Solid Projectiles
10 x Standard Pepperballs

*** Please always observe the rules of law when using this product. The manufacturer, distributor and retailer accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused through the incorrect use of this product.


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