Blackhawk Defence Kit #2 – Standard

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We’ve modified a Valken Blackhawk marker and created a package suitable for security or home protection use. Upgrades include a multi-position, adjustable tactical CAR stock, and horizontal gas adapter which moves the gas cylinder from the rear to a forward facing position under the barrel. This gas adapter has a flip lever tap system which allows you to store your marker ready to go and turn your gas flow on and off with a quick flip of the lever.

Included in this package:

1 x Valken Blackhawk Marker fitted with CAR Stock and Horizontal On/Off Tank Adapter

1 x 9oz Co2 Tank

1 x 50rnd Hopper (30-40 round capacity recommended)

1 x Pack of 100 Glassbreaker Nylon Solids

1 x Tube of 10 x Standard Pepperballs

1 x Tube of 10 x Inert Powder Training Balls

1 x 100rnd Storage Pod

Safety plug, basic tool and seal kit also included.

Please note that the marker itself in this configuration can also be used with normal paintballs in the game of paintball – please ensure your velocity is adjusted down accordingly.

*** Please adhere to the rules of law when using this product in a security situation. We are not responsible for the manor in which it is used.


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